Important Steps To Take Before Hiring A Professional Roofer

When bad weather strikes the Tulsa area, your roof is the first line of defense against the elements. Therefore, your roof frequently suffers the most damage after inclement weather. In this article, we will go over some important steps to take before hiring a professional roofer.


Firstly, It’s always a good idea to start by looking for recommendations. If you don’t know anyone who’s recently had their roof repaired, you can simply look for reviews online. There are numerous websites where you can search for contractors. You’ll be able to search based on your location and read reviews from current and previous customers. Or you could ask the roofer to supply their own references.

You could even check the companies reviews on Facebook. Click the link below to view some of our Facebook reviews –

Recommendations and Reviews are important because you’ll want to hire someone who is reliable and friendly. Remember to always check their experience and qualifications beforehand. 


Next, you’ll want to get some estimations.. Always ask for estimates in writing. This can include an itemized list of what work will be carried out, the materials that need to be used, the timescale of the work to be completed, and, of course, all costs.

An estimate may also explain the charging structure (is it per hour, per day, or a flat rate for the entire job?) and highlight when any payments would need to be made.

We offer free estimates. However, not every company will.  If you’d like a free estimate contact us at

Be wary of contractors that request complete payment before the work has begun and those that ask for cash in hand. As, although this can work out cheaper, it will be harder to prove any misdoings should anything go wrong.

Once you’ve decided which roofing contractor best meets your needs, you need to discuss a few things. Such as hours of work during the week/weekends. What should happen if the work is finished later than anticipated. What materials will be used, who will supply these, and if they come with a guarantee or not? What’s included in the overall cost, i.e rubbish disposal and whether or not scaffolding is needed. 



It’s best to have this in a written contract. No complications, just a recorded agreement for you both to sign. Most reputable builders will issue a contract as a standard before starting work in any case. You may also want a guarantee. Make sure it is an insurance-backed guarantee that is independent of their company as if anything should happen a general guarantee from them will be worthless. Always ensure that you have a paper trail and you have the correct documents to fall back on. At Roofing Repair Tulsa all of our work is guaranteed, bonded and insured under our Oklahoma trading licence.

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Finally, trust your intuition. If you’re not keen on the company, even at the contract stage, don’t be afraid to back out before signing. You can always resume your search. Unless of course water is pouring in overhead, it pays to take your time on this major investment.

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